NOAA was established in London in the spring of 2015 by Danish architects Ole Smith and Pernille Bisgaard. The two founders have been based in London for 12 years and been project managers on projects in London, Singapore, Wales, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and New York for internationally renowned architectural firms. NOAA works at present in England, Denmark, Sweden, and Singapore.

NOAA has a worldwide network from many years of working internationally, which keeps the office updated to the latest research, developments and trends.

NOAA weighs awareness of tradition and innovation highly and the outcome is an anchoring in time, whilst showing a vision for the site and the future.

NOAA bases its architectural solutions on craftsmanship and sustainable materials.

NOAA’s aim is to combine functional, cost effective architecture with integrity and unique character.

NOAA creates engaging and experimental spaces with a focus on the context, wholeness and detailing, the solution appears consistent with an exact identity.